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Social Media Marketing

Using Social Media channels to promote your brand and to get your message out to potential customers, is one of the most effective digital strategies that your business can employ. We provide a complete and integrated Social Media service to our clients to help them attain their marketing goals.

How can we help you?

Brand Reputation & Management

With all the different social media platforms available it is often easy to become overwhelmed and lose track of your branding.  Sometimes negative publicity can get overlooked and cause potential damage to your reputation. We monitor your brand identity across all formats (whether tagged usernames or hash tagged) within the social media sphere.

Your brand is key to your success and we will always work with you to help protect it.  We advise on management techniques and help to turn negatives into positives.

At Apercu, we help you to find a ‘voice’ for your business, and ensure that messages are consistent across all platforms with brand identity being paramount.

Consultancy & Training

Do you want to use social media marketing but don’t know where to start?

Do you have some experience, but feel that you are not using social media as effectively as you could be?

Apercu can help your in-house marketing team develop a social media strategy that fits your overall marketing objectives.

As an agency, we keep pace with the latest digital developments so we can advise and support you through the minefield.    We deliver bespoke training packages for your team, working within their levels of competence and understanding of each platform. We also offer ongoing support and training as the result of new features being introduced within existing platforms.

Content Creation & Management

Whatever social media platforms that you choose to use for your marketing mix, we can help you build content and campaigns that can improve your organic reach and maximise the exposure for your brand.

We produce high quality content – including graphics and video – that can be shared across all platforms.  We can also source ‘curated’ content relevant to your industry. This can be fully integrated with original content, therefore appealing to your customer base and increasing engagement with your accounts.

Furthermore, our specialist systems allow us to analyse the performance of your social media presence and assess its effectiveness.  We also use software to analyse the best times to schedule content while maximising the reach and exposure for your posts.

′Paid For′ Marketing & Sponsored Content

Using social media platforms to promote your brand, can yield fantastic results in terms of return on investment.  Sponsored content and PPC adverts are becoming increasingly common because they are considered to offer excellent value for money.   Companies are recognising how social platforms allow them to target potential audiences more effectively than ever before.

We can create and manage your ‘paid for’ campaigns.  Social Media systems allow detailed targeting and focus on factors such as age, geography, earnings and interests., This therefore ensures that your marketing message goes directly to the people who are likely to take notice and engage with your business.  Thus avoiding the ‘wastage’ associated with conventional advertising.

Analysis & Reporting

Whatever your social profile, we are always able to used data and analytics to monitor your campaigns.  As a result, our detailed metrics demonstrate the ‘value added’ that a regular social media presence can bring to your marketing objectives.

We keep regular checks on performance statistics such as engagement, reach and cost per click.  The data is translated into a coherent and simple format.  This allows you to keep a check on how well your campaigns are doing.  We are also able to monitor some of your competitors’ data to provide a valuable insights and comparisons across all social media platforms.

How can we help you?

Our client base is wide and varied, and so the strategies that we advise and offer to our clients will vary.  We are however, happy to offer an initial social media audit while we work with you to develop a truly bespoke approach. We have a huge amount of experience in the industry therefore you can be assured of the best possible service for the best possible price.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business grow and reach its marketing goals.