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Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO is a tricky business that requires an expert eye. Worried about your shiny new site? Concerned by an algorithm update? Craving more visibility? Get in touch today.

How can our technical SEO team can help you?

Our technical SEO audit experts use the best tools for provide the best advice and recommendations.

SEO Consultancy

Before you consider a SEO campaign, a domain migration, internationalisation or entering a new region, we can help you define and develop your objectives and strategy.


Keyword & Market Research

We believe that a good SEO strategy should improve a client’s bottom line. So, extensive market, audience and keyword research is needed to allow online targeting of the right user at the right time. We strongly believe that a technically superior website is useless if it is not correctly targeted.


Technical SEO Audit

A technical seo audit starts with a site analysis using the best and latest software tools. Expert interpretation of the data reported by these tools then allows us to provide you with insightful, prioritised and actionable recommendations.

Onsite SEO

An expert analyses your website’s structure, UX and other key elements that are weighted within the search engines algorithms. Subsequently, we provide you with recommendations for improved relevancy, targeting and user experience. From site speed to schema mark-up, we don’t miss a thing.

Penalty Recovery

If any bad practices have been used to “optimise” your website then Google may penalise you. Maybe these penalties are automatic and algorithmic such as Panda and Penguin. Most of all, these and similar updates focus on common poor practices. However, Google can also hand out manual penalties for specific issues. Manual penalties can cause more or less severe damage to a website’s rankings. Consequently, a technical SEO audit is usually required as a precursor to penalty recovery. Because we constantly evaluate Google policy changes and quality updates, we are then able to identify and fix issues.


We can help you if you are restructuring your website, moving to a new website or a new domain. Our experts can also help if you have experienced problems in a migration. It is necessary to have a well thought out and detailed plan to follow when you are migrating a website. Without such a plan, you may lose hard-earned rankings, links and traffic. Also, we are experts at identifying and correcting issues after problematic moves.

How can we help you?

We base our technical SEO audit pricing on your website size and complexity and the amount of work that would be required to meet your specific requirements.

If you would like to know more about what our SEO audit service can do to boost your business contact us today.

You will talk to people who do the actual work, not commission-based salespeople.