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Local SEO - Google My Business & The Local Pack

Our local SEO consultants have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to draw more qualified local leads and customers to your website and business.

How can our local SEO team help you?

Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business page is pretty simple: follow the rules; pick the most relevant categories.  If in doubt, we will use your homepage as your landing page. However, it is also pretty simple to make mistakes and these mistakes can take weeks, or even months, to rectify.

Why not let our team complete and optimise your listing?  We will check for duplicates, set up new listings, and audit your current local listing. If you have multiple listings (if your business has multiple locations) we can sync the listing with your website by making sure the name and contact details on your site matches public listings.  We will populate listings with your own content and choose local categories with the best potential to drive traffic.


Online listings or “citations” are mentions of your company name, contact details and perhaps products and services on third party directories, blogs and websites. We continually monitor the most important online listings for local ranking by country. You want to have these top citations. Also, you want the top citations to be accurate and complete. We can fix any missing or incorrect listings on your behalf. Unlike some services we use a manual process and you will own the citations. There is no reliance on a contiual subscription to a third party to keep the citations live.


Positive reviews are an important factor in showing up in the local pack. You need to get some reviews on Google. We can advise you on the most appropriate other places to get reviews. We can also set up a system to ask for reviews tailored to your business, products and services. Don’t think of reviews just for ranking in the local pack.  It is useful to read your reviews and ‘mine’ them for insights about your business. This will enable you to improve your services and also to find out how your customers think and how you can reach more of them.

Website Optimisation

A well-optimised website is essential for local SEO success. Our complete website audit covers general site features and technical issues such as mobile suitability, site and page performance, site structure, home page analysis, other page analysis & internal linking.  We make use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console for the best possible results and data. However, we don’t just run automated tools. We also use our extensive knowledge and experience to identify issues and make actionable recommendations to our clients. Depending on the site platform we may be able to make some or all of these fixes for you.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our reporting will help you see the direct benefits of your local SEO efforts with up to date local rankings and quantifying the local traffic to your website. We can also analyse engagement factors such as click-through rates and mobile clicks to call. These behavioural elements are likely to be incresingly important in local rankings in future years. We will also make local content and strategy recommendations.

How can we help you?

We offer a range of local SEO packages. Packages include one-off audits and advice through to a fully managed on-going service.

Pricing is dependent on your requirements, current situation, website size and complexity.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what our local SEO can do to boost your business.