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Content Marketing

We live in a digital world where 'content is king'. At Apercu we create content that delivers in terms of engagement, and which gets potential customers talking about your brand.

How can our content marketing team can help you?

Content Strategy & Planning

Our experienced team will work with you at a strategic level before any campaign goes ‘live’.   You retain control over the process so you can be certain that content meets your brand standards.  We advise on how to make content that is compelling and relevant to your target audience.   This makes sure that the message is consistent across all platforms.

The Audience Journey.

Do you know who your target audience is?  Do you have a clear picture of how they come to find your services?  How well do you understand your customer journey?  We use different social and demographic metrics to build a picture of your client base and we can work with you to develop new but similar audiences.

Content Idea Generation

We research and generate content ideas that are engaging for your potential customers and which are current and relevant to your industry.  At Apercu we use the latest technology to identify trends that are creating a buzz online.  As a result we are able to fit content ideas around these trends, to take advantage of the potential for increased exposure.

Content Creation & Storytelling

Our creative team love to challenge themselves to produce original and distinctive content for our clients. Whether it’s a weekly blog post, email newsletter or an informational video you are looking for, our experienced team of creatives are always happy to help you tell your stories online.

Product Placement & Outreach

Product placement and outreach marketing puts the ‘human’ back into the marketing mix.  This results in a heavy focus on authenticity and relevance through recommendations and online conversations.  We promote your brand to key influencers such as journalists and bloggers to maximise exposure and capitalise on commendations and endorsements.

Content Curation

Content curation can add variety and relevance to any content marketing campaign.  Unlike other agencies, we don’t just regurgitate what is already out there.  We offer a genuine curation service, adding value to the stories and articles that we find.  Consequently this encourages discussion and engagement from your followers which improves your digital profile.

How can we help ?

At Apercu, we have the experience, expertise and enthusiasm to deliver bespoke campaigns that deliver your marketing objectives.  Our marketing strategies help you to achieve your business goals.

We offer a value for money service based on your individual content marketing needs.   Once we have fully assessed your specific requirements, we will discuss pricing options and ongoing contracts.

Why not contact us today and find out how we can help take your brand into the digital world with original and eye-catching content that helps you stand out from your competitors.