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PPC for Local Services

Get business from more local customers

What can our local paid search team do for you?

Research and Discovery

Business Analysis

It’s important that we start by learning about your local business and geographic target market. In this way we can understand the ways a prospective customer should be able to find you.

Landing Page & Site Review

As we want to ensure the best possible conversions from your campaigns, we will review your website to see how your business is conveyed and how your offer is presented. Subsequently we can highlight any issues that need to be fixed not to limit the effectiveness of your campaigns. If you don’t have a website we can quickly create a highly optimised landing page for lead capture (additional charge applies).

Local Competitors

We research your local competitors in Google to assess the level of local competition you face in the organic and paid local search results.

Google Ads Review

If you already use Google Ads, we will audit your account to identify any changes that can easily be made for quick wins. The audit also feeds into creation of a long run plan for on-going improvement and growth.

Setup & Configuration

Account Structure

A good account structure is vital for the success of local Google Ads campaigns. We have the experience and expertise.

Google Ads Setup

Local Google Ads should be set up with the optimal geographical targeting, bidding strategy and ad scheduling to best suit your company’s local marketing goals.

Keyword Research

We combine our knowledge and experience with use of a range of tools to identify keywords that your prospective local customers use to find the services your company offers.

Advert Copy

A range of ads is created to test what appeals most to your prospects and customers.

Ad Extensions

Obviously, location extensions and call extensions are most important for local services. Where possible we also configure sitelinks, callouts, prices and structured snippets. Generally, maximal use of extensions increases user engagment (CTR). Extensions also have the added benefit of taking more space on the page. Therefore less space is left for your competitors.


Monitoring, Tracking & Analytics

Google Analytics

In addition to the reporting in Google Ads, we use the more powerful features of Google Analytics. We are able to analyse geographic performance and leads by marketing channel. This also enables us to identify issues with the health of your website. For instance, pages that don’t engage with high exit rates or bounce rates.

Conversion Tracking

One great advantage of Google Ads is the ability to relate your advertising spend to results. We can record leads from online forms, calls from ads and calls from the website. Over time, this information enables us to increase leads or reduce the cost per lead.


We use Google Data Studio to create and schedule weekly and monthly reports showing your advertising costs, conversions (leads) and other related key performance indicators such as cost per lead.


Management, Testing & Optimisation

Ad Testing

Having accrued sufficient data., we normally test a control ad against another two or three ads. The aim is to continually improve on target metrics such as conversion rate, cick through rate or conversions per impression. However, following recent adwords algorithmic changes, we are currently experimenting with a new strategy which may prove more fruitful.

Search Term Analysis & Keyword Expansion

Your account manager will regularly review reports showing the actual search terms that have triggered display of your ads. These reports are used to expand your account by adding the relevant search terms your ads appear for and optimise them for higher conversions. Similarly, we look for search terms that should be added as negative keywords so that your ads are only shown for relevant searches.

Campaign Expansion

Once we have a solid performance baseline we introduce additional campaigns baed on the most appropriate targeting options such as search remarketing and display remarketing. We also consider new targeting and campaign types as they become available. Given sufficient budget this is the best way to grow your account and produce results for your business. However, wherever possible, we aim to increase your profits and providing a higher ROI.

Monthly Local Paid Search Plans

Local Paid Search Silver

  • Google Ads Search Network Campaigns
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Remarketing for Display

Local Paid Search Gold

  • Google Ads Search Network Campaigns
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console

Local Paid Search Platinum

  • Google Ads Search Network Campaigns
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Local SEO Management
  • Bing Ads Local

How can we help you?

Although we have several standard Local Google Ads management packages available at the prices indicated above, these packages may not be a perfect fit your requirements. Our Local Google Ads management pricing can also be based on your targeted aims, your competition and the amount of work that would be required to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what our Local Google Ads management services can do to boost your business.

You will talk to people who do the actual work, not commission-based salespeople.