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LinkedIn Advertising

What can our LinkedIn advertising team do for you?

Research and Discovery

Company Analysis

First of all, we need to learn about your target market and business products or services. Following this, we can define the best starting points for targeting your ideal customer persona.

Page Review

An account manger will review your company’s Linkedin Company page and website to see how your business is conveyed. We will then be able to identify issues that could prevent a successful campaign.


In order to assess what will be required to get an adequate “share of voice”, we will research your competitors. We will assess their social media and paid search advertising footprint.

LinkedIn Ads Review

If you already use LinkedIn Ads, we will look for any short term quick wins that can be achieved. The review will then feed into a long term plan for growth.

Setup & Configuration

Account Structure

Our experience and knowledge allows us to create a well-organised LinkedIn advertising account. As a result, your account will be based on your performance history and business objectives.

LinkedIn Ads Setup

We set up targeting and bidding strategies. These strategies are always created with objectives and goals in mind.

Advert Copy

Our copywriters will create a selection of ads for LinkedIn. This usually requires the creation of a range of ads in order to test which parts of your offering appeal most to prospects and customers.

Monitoring, Tracking & Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides further insights by showing us what happens when someone leaves LinkedIn to visit your website. So, we setup and manage LinkedIn campaign tracking in Google Analytics for goals such as website conversions. Consequently, we can use the data from Google Analytics to determine which areas of your LinkedIn account are working best. In addition, this data reveals areas needing further work.

Ad Copy & Creative

LinkedIn ads are both an art and a science. So, we combine creative and analytical skills to design unique and attractive ads with engaging ad copy. Furthermore, we customise each ad across your account with optimised ad copy.

Management, Testing & Optimisation

LinkedIn Ad Testing

We start by testing between 2 and 10 ads in each campaign to combat ad fatigue which can affect an overall campaign’s performance. Most of all, this improves conversions.

Campaign Expansion

Your account manager will split test new ads against a control ad. Almost always, we use the best performing advert to date as the control advertisement. Most of all, we aim for the optimal mix of click-through-rate, conversion rate, conversions per impression and cost per conversion.

LinkedIn Advertising Management Plans

Silver LinkedIn Ads

/ Month
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads

Gold LinkedIn Ads

/ Month
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Website Remarketing

Platinum LinkedIn Ads

/ Month
  • Text Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Website Remarketing
  • Email List Remarketing
  • Sponsored Content
  • Sponsored InMail

How can we help you?

Our standard LinkedIn Ads management packages are available as above. However, these plans may not be a perfect fit your requirements. We can also base our LinkedIn Ads management pricing on your specific requirements. Consequently, we can take into account your targeted aims, competition and the amount of work required.

So, contact us today if you would like to know more about what our LinkedIn Ads management service can do to boost your business.

You will talk to people who do the actual work, not commission-based salespeople.