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Google Adwords Management

What can our Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) team do for you?

Research and Discovery

Business Analysis

Before launching or changing your Google Ad campaigns, we will seek to understand your business offering, USP’s and target customers.

Landing Page & Site Review

As we want to ensure the best possible conversions from your campaigns, we will review your website and Google Analytics data.  Subsequently we can highlight possible issues that could limit the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Competitor Research

There is no point reinventing the wheel so a full competitor advertising analysis is completed using specialised tools and manual insights. This allows us to learn where your competitors are getting the most traffic from and, perhaps equally important, where they are not.

Audience Research

Using tools such as Google Display Planner and Audience Insights, we will learn more about your website users and known target market demographics, interests and sites visited.

AdWords Audit

Having completed the groundwork, we will review your Google Ads account to identify possible quick win opportunities and deliver a plan for ongoing growth.


Setup & Configuration

Account Structure

A good account structure is vital for ease of reporting and understanding but most of all for optimisation. In determining the ideal account structure, we will consider your advertising goals, account performance history and website structure. Our experts will design a structure that is known to work, using their knowledge and experience. Over time, changes to Google Ads may dictate new optimal account structures. If your existing account structure is especially poor we may rebuild it from scratch. If your account’s current performance is adequate then we may choose to make incremental changes over time..

AdWords Settings

Based upon any historical data in your account and your industry, company and advertising goals we configure bidding strategies, custom ad scheduling and geographical targeting.

Keyword Research

Using our experience and expertise in conjunction with specialised tools we will identify keywords that your prospective customers use. These qualified keywords are then build into your campaign structure. If you have historical data we will examine your search history for opportunities for quick optimisation wins.

Match Type & Negative Keywords

We will use a mix of match types and negative keywords in a granular structure across your account. This gives us optimal budgetary and bidding control. We will use keyword research and historical data to identify candidate negative keywords. Adding appropriate negative keywords ensures your ads only appear for relevant searches.

Ad Copy & Creative

Using proven guidelines and creative and analytical skills, we will write a range of ads. These ads are then used to test what resonates most with your prospects and customers. We look for high engagement and conversion to leads or sales.

Ad Extensions

Maximal use of Google Ad Extensions is used where possible. Google Ad extensions include call extension, site links, location extensions, price extensions, structured snippets and callouts. These extensions have been proven to generally improve the click through rates. Extensions can also have a competitive benefit as they take up more space on the page.

Monitoring, Tracking & Analytics

Conversion Tracking
Google Ads provide basic conversion tracking which records leads and sales. Although this can let us optimise and manage AdWords we prefer to use the more powerful conversion tracking offered by Google Analytics wherever possible.
Google Analytics

Best practice is to integrate Google Analytics conversion tracking with your Google Ads account. Google Analytics shows us what happens on your landing page and website after your adverts are clicked on. We can then generate reports showing which areas of your AdWords account are working best and which areas can be improved. Depending on the Google Ads management service package you subscribe to we may also track the health of your website and key performance metrics. These metrics can include page load time and other key performance indicators such as bounce rate, average session duration, returning visitors, exit pages and landing page performance. We can then advise you where you can make improvements to your website. This assumes that we are not already managing this service for you!

Google Tag Manager

Wherever possible we use Google Tag Manager (GTM) to provide the most flexible and most easily customisable tracking capabilities. Basic conversion tracking using Google Analytics Goals is included. Advanced conversion tracking such as micro-conversion tracking and event tracking and Dynamic Remarketing may involve an additional one-off setup fee.

Reporting & Communication

Non-urgent communication is normally by email, scheduled phone calls and screen shares. In addition, we provide summary and detailed reporting using tools such as Google Data Studio. This way you can see exactly how and where your advertising budget is being spent and how your return on investment is being achieved. Once we have set up live interactive reports from your Google Ads account using Google Data Studio you are able to see how your Google Ads account is performing on demand. You are also able to easily compare current and historical performance. Our reports provide a dashboard of summaries with a range of graphs, charts, tables and widgets, as well as supporting detailed drill downs.

Management, Testing & Optimisation

Bid & Budget Management

Advertising costs are controlled and profit targets met by using a combination of bidding strategies and budgets. Continual optimisation and management of your AdWords account ensures that budgets are targeted to areas that are of strategic importance and areas with the best return on ad spend. We will advise on and then manage your account for agreed advertising objectives such as cost per acquisition (CPA), return on ad spend (ROAS) or brand position.

Ad Testing

We normally test a control ad against another two or three ads once sufficient data has been accrued. Our aim is to continually improve on target metrics such as conversion rate, click through rate or conversions per impression. However, following recent Google Ads algorithmic changes, we are currently experimenting with a new strategy which may prove more fruitful.

Search Term Analysis and Keyword Expansion

Account managers regularly review reports showing the actual search terms that have triggered display of your ads. These reports are used to expand your account by adding the relevant search terms your ads appear for and optimise them for higher conversions. Similarly, we look for search terms that should be added as negative keywords so that your ads are only shown for relevant searches.

Campaign Expansion

Once we have a solid performance baseline we introduce additional campaigns based on the most appropriate targeting options such as search remarketing, DSA and display advertising. We also consider new targeting and campaign types as they become available. Given sufficient budget this is the best way to grow your account and produce results for your business. However, wherever possible, we aim to increase your profits and providing a higher ROI.

Google Ads Management Plans

Google Ads Silver

/ Month
  • Google Ads Search Campaigns
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarleting for Display
  • Display Network In Market / Behaviour Audiences

Google Ads Gold

/ Month
  • Google Ads Search Campaigns
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing on Search (RLSA)
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Display Network In Market / Behaviour Audiences
  • Display Network Managed & Contextual Placements

Google Ads Platinum

/ Month
  • Google Ads Search Campaigns
  • Google Shopping
  • Remarketing on Search (RLSA)
  • Remarketing for Display
  • Display Network In Market / Behaviour Audiences
  • Display Network Managed & Contextual Placements
  • Display Network Similar Audiences & Topics
  • Display Network Gmail Ads & Affinity Audiences
  • You Tube & Video Ads

How can we help you?

Although we have several standard Google Ads management packages available at the prices indicated above, these packages may not be a perfect fit your requirements. Our Google Ads management pricing can also be based on your targeted aims, your competition and the amount of work that would be required to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what our Google Ads management services can do to boost your business.

You will talk to people who do the actual work, not commission-based salespeople.