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Facebook Advertising Agency

Build brand awareness and increase your customer base

What can our Facebook Ads agency do for you?

On the surface, Facebook Ads management can look easy. However, it actually takes a lot of thought and analysis to drive consistent, high quality traffic to your website. Above all, our expertise is in managing campaigns that will earn you more money than they cost therefore offering excellent return on investment.

Research and Discovery

Business Analysis

Our Facebook Ads management process starts with an analysis of your business. We will look at your products and services and target market. Furthermore, we will look at your competitors and other marketing channels that you are using.

Landing Page Analysis: FB & Website

A review your website landing pages and business Facebook page is important. Above all we need to identify any potential blocks to successful campaigns.

Competitor Research

If your competitors are advertising on Facebook then we may be able to leverage their work. We may be able to see what not to do! Also, we will research your competitors’ key strategies on Google Ads. In addition, we look at competitor activity on paid social media channels other than Facebook.

Facebook Audit

We will review your existing Facebook Ads account to identify potential quick win opportunities. In addition, our review also feeds into a longer-term plan for changes, expansion and growth. It may be that you require a new Facebook Ads account. If so, we will complete audience research and create a plan for setup of the account.

Setup & Configuration

Audience Research

We use Facebook Audience Insights and the Google Display Planner. For the reason that this tool gives us an understanding of the demographics and interests of your current website and Facebook page users.

Account Structure

Our experience and knowledge allows us to create a well-organised Facebook advertising account. As a result, your account will be based on your performance history and business objectives.

Facebook Settings

We create campaigns using the most relevant targeting features based on your business objectives. Probably, your objectives are cost-per-acquisition or building brand awareness. In addition, we make the most appropriate configurations for geographical targeting, custom ad scheduling and bidding.

Monitoring, Tracking & Analytics

Facebook Pixel Conversions

Your account manager will check that the Facebook pixel is correctly installed on your website. We will then use the Facebook pixel for conversion tracking for website leads or sales. In addition, we can further optimise your campaigns using insights gained from Facebook Analytics.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides further insights by showing us what happens when someone leaves Facebook to visit your website. Therefore, we setup and manage Facebook campaign tracking in Google Analytics for goals such as website conversions. Consequently, we can use the data from Google Analytics to determine which areas of your Facebook account are working best. In addition, this data reveals areas that need further work and can use our expertise to advise accordingly.

Ad Copy & Creative

Facebook ads are both an art and a science. So, we combine creative and analytical skills to design unique and attractive ads with engaging ad copy. Furthermore, we customise each ad across your account with optimised ad copy.

Management, Testing & Optimisation

Budget Management & Bidding

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your budget, we control spend by bidding strategies. The most relevant bidding strategies include target cost-per-acquisition and target return-on-ad-spend. If your budget is limited, then our focus is always on generating the best return on investment.

Facebook Ad Testing

Your account manager will split test new ads against a control ad. Almost always, we use the best performing advert to date as the control advertisement. Most of all, we aim for the optimal mix of click-through-rate, conversion rate, conversions per impression and cost per conversion.

Campaign Expansion

We will experiment with different ad formats and forms. However, our approach depends on your budget and how aggressive an approach you want to take. Furthermore, we will consider expanding your demographic coverage.

Facebooks Ads Management Plans

Facebook Ads Silver

  • Website Remarketing
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Interests Audience

Facebook Ads Gold

  • Website Remarketing
  • Email Remarketing
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Interests Audience
  • Behaviour Audience

Facebook Ads Platinum

  • Website Remarketing
  • Email Remarketing
  • Lookalike Audience
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Interests Audience
  • Behaviour Audience
  • Facebook Page Targeting
  • Image Creation

How can we help you?

Our standard Facebook Ads management packages are available as above. However, these plans may not be a perfect fit your requirements. We can also base our Facebook Ads management pricing on your specific requirements. Consequently, we can take into account your targeted aims, competition and the amount of work required.

So, contact us today if you would like to know more about what our Facebook Ads management service can do to boost your business.

You will talk to people who do the actual work, not commission-based salespeople.