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Bing Ads Management

Increasing the reach of your paid search campaigns.

What can our Bing Ads team do for you?

Research and Discovery

Bing Ads Audit

If you already have an operational Bing Ads account, we will perform an audit to compare performance between Google Ads and Bing ads. This allows us to flag any anomalies for easy optimisation wins. The audit also enables us to create a plan for ongoing management. Using this audit, your account manager will determine which areas should be regularly synced with Google Ads and which should be managed separately within Bing Ads.

Bing Ads Import

If you are not already operating Bing Ads, we will leverage the Bing Ads import tool to create your initial campaigns based on the structure of your Google Ads account.

Scheduled Reporting

We will design and schedule automatic weekly and monthly reports that take data from both your Bing Ads and Google Analytics accounts. The reports give both summary and detailed breakdown with text, images and charts.

Setup & Configuration

Bing Ads Settings

Where relevant we retain the settings from your Google Ads account e.g. basic geographical targeting and custom ad scheduling. We make the appropriate changes where the two platforms differ e.g. in advanced geographical targeting and bidding strategy.

Ad Copy & Creative

Your account manager will use the same ads used in Google Ads as a starting point. We may continue to import changes made with Google Ads or directly apply changes within Bing Ads depending on performance. In addition, we also seek to leverage settings unique to Bing Ads such as images in ads.

Ad Extensions

We mirror the use of ad extensions from Google Ads as closely as the Bing Ads platform allows. Bing Ads ad extensions such as location extensions and sitelinks, as with Google Ads, can enhance the base advert as well as take up more space on the page.

Monitoring, Tracking & Analytics

Conversion Tracking

We set up Bing Ads conversion tracking and goals to record leads or sales within Bing Ads.

Google Tag Manager

Your account manager will leverage the power of Google Tag Manager to setup the Bing Ads Universal Event Tracking (UET) tag. Goals that are triggered within Bing’s UET tag are set up on all key pages.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to enhance Bing Ads reporting. This can show us what happens on your website after clicks on your Bing advertisements. By measuring which areas of the Bing Ads account are working best, we can identify areas for improvement. Bing Ads tagging enables us to separately report on paid and organic traffic from the Bing search engine in Google Analytics.


Management, Testing & Optimisation

We will optimise your Bing Ads account based on performance differences when compared to Google Ads. In addition, we will regularly synchronise new setups and updates made in Google Ads to Bing Ads.

Bids & Budgets

Depending on how aggressive or conservative you want to be, starting budgets are set at between 5% and 25% of your Google Ads budgets. Initially, bids are normally set to the same as used in Google Ads. As we gather data over time, we will adjust bids based on agreed performance targets.

Ad Testing

As far as possible, we initially we start with the same advertisements as in your Google Ads account. These ads then form the basis for testing and optimising based on differences between the two platforms.

Search Term Analysis & Keyword Expansion

Your account manger will analyse the search terms used in Bing Ads. This will dentify new positive keywords that can be added to both your Bing Ads and Google Ads campaigns. In addition, we identify negative keywords that are not used already in Google Ads / Bing Ads. Your account manager will ensure that your PPC traffic is increasingly targeted and relevant by adding newly discovered negative keywords.

Campaign Expansion

Our experts will use search remarketing to re-target past website users as they search on Bing, Yahoo or other Bing Network Partners. We can leverage remarketing audiences captured from other paid search or organic search.

Bing Ads Management Plans

Bing Ads Silver

/ Month
  • Bing & Yahoo Search Network
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Remarketing for Search

Bing Ads Gold

/ Month
  • Bing & Yahoo Search Network
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Remarketing for Search
  • Shopping
  • Bing Merchant Center

Bing Ads Platinum

/ Month
  • Bing & Yahoo Search Network
  • Google Analytics Management
  • Remarketing for Search
  • Shopping
  • Bing Merchant Center
  • Bing Business Places
  • Bing Webmaster

How can we help you?

We have several standard Bing Ads management packages available above. However, these plans may not be a perfect fit your requirements. We can also tailor our Bing Ads management pricing according to your targeted aims, your competition and the amount of work that would be required to meet your specific requirements.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about what our Bing Ads management services can do to boost your business.

You will talk to people who do the actual work, not commission-based salespeople.