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Pay per Click Advertising

PPC and other forms of paid search promotion.

What can our paid search management team do for you?

Whether you want a well run and highly optimised Google Ads campaign, paid social media promotion or any other form of paid search engine marketing our team can deliver.

Google Ads

Our PPC managers are certified in all five Google Ads specialisations: search; display; mobile; shopping; and video. In addition, our lead expert was trained by two of the world’s leading experts (they wrote the books!). So, if you are looking to grow your Google Ads account profitably, reduce costs or try Google Ads for the first time you will be in safe hands. Our PPC management services are tranparent, comprehensive and competitively priced.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is now the second most popular website in the world. Advertising on Facebook is no longer just for brand awareness and business to consumer advertising. Our clients are now finding Facebook advertising often works for business to business products and services. Also, lead generation costs with Facebook may even be lower than with Adwords. We are also finding that Facebook ads and Google Ads work best in synergy – run both and the overall effect is more than the sum of the parts. Of course, if you have already tried Facebook advertising then we offer a free account audit.

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Bing & Yahoo PPC

Bing Ads run on the Bing and Yahoo search results pages. If you are already running profitable Google Ads campaigns then a Bing Ads equivalent should increase your search traffic by between 5 and 15%. There is some evidence that Bing prospects convert better than Google Ads prospects. In addition, if you are lucky, your competitors may not be using Bing Ads so your cost per lead or sale may even be cheaper than on Google Ads.

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Twitter Ads

Twitter followers can bring real value to your business: 66 percent of Twitter users have discovered a new small or medium business (SMB) on Twitter, and 94 percent plan to purchase from the SMBs they follow. So, incresing your Twitter followers and using Twitter to drive traffic to your website can have a really positive effect on your bottom line.

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LinkedIn Advertising

The popular professional networking channel LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing. LinkedIn allows for ads to be shown to your target audience by job title, industry, company size, company name, and more. For business to business brand awareness or lead generation LinkedIn is a ‘go to’ option. In addition, LinkedIn ads can be an excellent way of driving qualified traffic to convert on your website.

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YouTube Advertsing

YouTube is the UK’s second biggest search engine. Depending on your brand, product / service and end goals you may find advertising on YouTube to be a profitable way of reaching your target market. However, at the moment YouTube advertising is not suitable for many businesses. Ultimately, you need great content. The first 5 seconds of a YouTube ad is the most important time to capture the user’s attention. We can advise on whether or not YouTube advertising will work for you and make recommendations on what type of content your target market users are most likely to engage with.

Shopping Campaigns

Shopping Campaigns allow you to advertise your products in the form of product listing ads (PLAs) across Google and Bing. Even the most simple PLAs can include a product image, title, price, extensions, promotions and your domain name. However, PLAs are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly feature-rich and complex. So shopping campaigns are now a powerful way to showcase your products and drive high quality traffic to your website. But optimising these campaigns is an  expert task.

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Display Advertising

The Google Display Network (GDN) allows you to show text, image, repsonsive and even video ads on various Google properties and third party websites. Historically, display advertising on the Google Display network (GDN) was best reserved for top-of-funnel and brand awareness campaigns. However, with the increasingly powerful targeting now available the GDN can also be very effective for running campaigns with the business objective of lead generation or sales.

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Google Ads for Local Services

If you a local or regional services company looking for more local customers then we offer Google Ads management packages designed to generate more leads. These packages deliver results for any local service organisation. If you are accountants, dentists, solicitors, estate agents, a chiropractor, physiotherapist or osteopath, electrician, plumber or heating engineer, prospects near you are searching in Google every day for your services.

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Instagram Ads

Pinterest Advertising

How can we help you?

Our PPC management pricing is based on your targeted aims, your competition and the amount of work that would be required to meet your specific requirements. Pricing is also based on the number of platforms you want to work with and the number of campaign types are needed.

Contact us today if you’d like to know more about what our PPC management services can do to boost your business.

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